Gary Nealon runs his own high-level coaching and consulting business from his website with a remote team. He recently sold his e-commerce business that was doing $40 million per year in gross revenues. He went from running an eCommerce company that sold kitchen cabinets to a software development company that just happened to sell cabinets. 

His strategic consulting services are designed to help business owners scale their e-commerce businesses, increase revenues, and maximize profits.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [01:09] Geordie introduces his guest, Gary Nealon
  • [05:46] Who is the target user for Gary’s software?
  • [06:57] The sale of Gary’s company
  • [09:20] The biggest takeaway Gary had from selling his company
  • [12:57] Gary’s strategies for coming up with new software ideas
  • [13:59] How Gary monetizes and prices his software
  • [15:59] Gary shares his experience with working with a remote team
  • [19:47] Gary’s favorite eCommerce software packages
  • [22:14] E-commerce and strategy conferences that Gary recommends
  • [26:30] How to get in touch with Gar

In this episode…

Creating new software isn’t easy no matter how tech-savvy you might be. It involves a lot of planning in order to determine what processes it will be used on, and it also takes a while to get started with its actual creation. Some developers choose to identify their target market first before creating this new software or they get the necessary funding to get it off the ground.

But for Gary Nealon, creating new software is done to solve some problems for himself first. He automates it internally as much as possible and then perfects it for his own use before testing it in the marketplace. He believes that if there’s a need to create software for his business, then there are probably other people in the marketplace who also need it.

In today’s episode of Big Break Software Geordie is joined by Gary Nealon, a software developer and business owner where they discuss his shift from selling cabinets to selling his own software, his learnings from selling his own company, the benefits of working with a remote team, and what you can do to bring ROI from the software that you’re developing. It’s a great episode of personal experiences and business wisdom so make sure to stay tuned.

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