Geordie Wardman is the Founder of Onestop.io and the host of this podcast. He has founded 5 companies and sold three of them, and has been working in software development since 2000.

Geordie has personally mentored over 40 SaaS and e-commerce founders because of his love for helping people. Geordie has worked in over 15 different countries.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [00:52] Dr. Jeremy Weisz introduces the host, Geordie Wardman
  • [01:51] Nate’s case study; how working with a local development team frustrated him
  • [04:52] The kind of product Nate wanted 
  • [05:47] What was the holdup delaying the other team?
  • [07:48] How Nate’s app works
  • [09:32] Geordie’s favorite SaaS project
  • [12:27] Are there minimum hour requirements to work with Geordie’s team?

In this episode…

Many people tend to feel more comfortable working with local developers and being able to drive down the street & meet them face-to-face. However, this does not always work out well & it is not a guarantee that local developers will deliver the right product or service as needed. 

This was the case with Nate, one of Geordie’s clients who had been frustrated by a local development team he had hired to work on his app. After engaging the services provided by Geordie, this client was finally able to develop the product, he wanted. 

Geordie Wardman has the tables turned on him this week as Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews him on this week’s episode of The Big Break Software Podcast. Geordie tells us more about the type of App the client wanted, how the client was frustrated by the local team, and how Geordie’s team helped create the product the client wanted.

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