Ruben Gamez is the Founder of Bidsketch, a web application that’s used by freelancers, consultants, and agencies to create professional-looking proposals. Bidsketch helps cut down on proposal writing time. 

Before that, Ruben Gamez was a Web Development Manager at a big payroll company. He has been in tech for more than 10 years and has been working on Bidsketch for about 5 years.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [01:50] Who is Ruben & what is Bidsketch?
  • [03:11]How Ruben went from working in web development to starting Bidsketch
  • [08:09] Why Ruben wanted to work for himself
  • [10:20] How Ruben adjusted his life to make way for the start of his business
  • [11:34] Freedom and why it took Ruben some time before hiring employees
  • [15:32] Ruben’s involvement in entrepreneurial & community development
  • [18:27] How creating competition through people he has helped affected Ruben’s philosophy on giving back
  • [20:10] The transition from bootstrapping to hiring employees
  • [22:47] The future of Bidsketch
  • [24:09] Ruben’s business systems for working at higher level capacity
  • [29:24] Ruben’s advice to entrepreneurs who are deciding whether to bootstrap or find investors

In this episode…

Ruben was helping a friend prepare a proposal, and this friend had never done it before. He researched looking for proposal templates they could use, something that could be plugged into Word, but didn’t find anything. He realized that most searches were for proposal templates and not proposal software, and he saw this a really good opportunity to start as a side business.

In this episode, Geordie Wardman is joined by Ruben Gamez to talk about how he came up with the idea for Bidsketch, his involvement in community development, and the business systems he uses for his company.

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