It’s been some since I’ve done an update, so here is what’s up.

To start, I moved from Mexico to Europe, the Swiss/Italian Alps. Woah – big change is right. Learning Italian like mad now, but having the challenges of finding myself in the emergency room at 11pm with zero way to communicate, creates a stronger sense of focus. 

A few great things professionally about my move is that 1) it’s over – the planning to move here was almost like a full time job, and 2) it has allowed me to begin a project that I used to talk about wanting to do, somewhere in the fuzzy, distant future. As in ten years, this is what I’d like to be doing. 

I want to build a tribe of social entrepreneurs, that help each other create and pursue work/projects/lives that matter, to them personally.

The problem is, I’d always make excuses. I can’t do that now, I have to do this. The timing isn’t right. You can’t make money doing this. 

Or, I’m scared it won’t work out, and I’ll look like a fool. 

Then I read a book – The One Thing. The premise is to ask yourself one question – “What’s the one thing you could be working that will make all other tasks easier, or unnecessary.” 

As a fun exercise, go ahead and ask yourself that right now. 

As a multi-business owner, that one hit me hard, because I like to change projects as it fits my mood. As Seth Godin told me in my podcast interview with him – I’m ADHD and I see that as a gift. That’s exactly how I am, all over the place.  

So I kept on thinking about it. A night, turned into a weekend, which turned into a week. Then it struck me – I’m all about eCommerce, selling products. I love to create things, and selecting a good product that sells automatically online, even when I’m on vacation or helping other people start their own businesses, is what I love doing.  But it can’t be just any product, it has to be a product that is about me – what I love doing, what I want to stand for. And the purpose of the business has to be about something other than just money – it should be serving a greater cause, contributing, rather than just taking away or not making a difference.

So my new Passion Project Business is all about these things.  Teaching people how to create a business that 1) provides for them financially  2) gives them freedom 3) and most importantly, provides purpose in their lives.  To me, it’s all about the last item. It’s why I started working on that fuzzy 10 year vision I had of myself, and what I wanted to be doing more than anything else.

But the feeling that I get now when I start my work day is all about excitement. I know that the phone isn’t going to ring with some detail or problem about something I’m not interested in solving. I’m now working on things that I’m actively interested in. And everything I do is fully aligned with this vision. It’s my One Thing.

So what does this mean for you? 

Well, if you want to come along for the ride, I’m opening doors now to my community. To get in, you should know that the community is not about money and lifestyle. Yes, you will have those, but it’s not what I’m about. I have these things, and I knew that they weren’t enough. They help, and they are the only way you can really work on things that matter, but they are nothing more than side benefits.

This community is about building companies that provide fulfillment for the owner. It’s about giving back – and yes, I will encourage every entrepreneur in my community to give a portion of their profits back to a cause that gives them additional purpose in their lives.

And no, it’s not going to be a charity. Charities have a place, but I’m a for profit guy because more money coming in can do more good towards the causes I believe in. It can allow me to hire more people to create more content and products that further fulfill my passion and purpose.

I’m also reading the book Bold, by Peter Diamandis. He talks about how exponential technologies and how billion dollar companies can come about in the fastest time in history (I could care less about becoming a billionaire), and how to ride these technologies, and how they disrupt and eventually crush linear old fashioned technologies. Producing products is one of the most linear businesses on the planet, and I’m looking to poke holes in that model and shake some things up. Cause a ruckus…

If you want to find out more about how to come along for the ride, you can check it out here


PS: I hope to see you on the inside, because the community we build is going to be for life, and we’re going to find out just how to help you to do work that matters, to you. 

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