Alex Theuma is the founder of SaaStock, Europe’s largest SaaS event conferences. They help SaaS companies get traction, grow, and scale through their global conferences, local meetups, community, and content. 

SaaStock started as small informal meetups back in 2016 and it has since grown to be one of the largest events in Saas among thought leaders, Venture Capitalists, successful SaaS owners, and entrepreneurs.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [01:17] Geordie introduces his guest, Alex Theuma
  • [02:11] Alex talks about the forthcoming SaaStock conference in Dublin 
  • [5:41] How Alex got into SaaS, why he turned it into a community event, and why he started a podcast that focused on it
  • [12:39] Alex tells how he balanced the early days at SaaStock with his day job and when he decided to turn it into a revenue-earning business
  • [19:22] The early challenges of putting up the company and his decision to bring in investor money into SaaStock 
  • [26:35] Alex shares about what it was like to lose money on a conference he hosted and how he was able to beat the odds and grow his business from $350,000 to $4M in revenue
  • [31:12] Alex talks about the global expansion drive of SaaStock
  • [33:49] Alex shares his perspective on competition in the SaaS industry and how firms can ensure their success
  • [38:09] Geordie and Alex discuss the importance of community building in the SaaS industry
  • [39:54] Alex’s advice for those who are interested in joining the industry and in creating a SaaS product
  • [43:24] Why Alex considers SaaS products that focus on remote work solutions is the most lucrative niche in the industry today
  • [45:48] How people can get in touch with Alex Theuma

In this episode…

Launching your company is an exhilarating feeling, but seeing it grow and expand to a point where it becomes capable of helping other people in establishing their own mark in a competitive industry can feel quite unbelievable.

Alex Theuma of SaaStock experienced just that in the process of building his company. He lost $60,000 in a conference he hosted and he persisted in hosting another one which helped turn things around for himself and his company, making it gain a ton of investors and earning $4 million in revenue.

In this week’s episode of The Big Break Software Podcast, Geordie Wardman talks to Alex about the early days of his company, trends and competition in the SaaS industry, the importance of building a strong sense of community in the industry, and which niche he thinks should be the main focus of those who are wondering what SaaS product will take off next. Stay tuned.

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