JD Graffam is the owner of Simple Focus, a successful digital agency, JD buys SaaS companies and adds them to his portfolio. Due to his success, he reinvests profits from the agency into SaaS companies and he’s up to 10 now and growing. 

JD studied English at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. He self-taught himself graphic design, web design, and CSS. Prior to starting his own agency, he has worked with a large corporation for many years.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [01:13] Geordie introduces his guest, JD Graffam
  • [01:52] JD talks about his education and career background
  • [02:47] The beginnings of JD’s agency, his decision to buy PulseApp, and why it’s a good idea to buy an existing company with good traction
  • [06:04] JD talks about his first product, Projectlist.com, and the lessons he learned from it and his future plans for it
  • [07:49] How the lack of marketing strategy and customer outreach caused the failure of Projectlist.com
  • [09:52] What propelled JD to start buying software companies
  • [14:14] What JD looks for and what he avoids when buying SaaS companies
  • [16:36] What makes a company interesting for JD and why he now buys B2B and eCommerce software companies
  • [19:13] The expectations and considerations JD has for companies he buys in terms of ROIs
  • [21:24] Why JD looks at the owner’s discretionary income and how you can manipulate it once you purchase the company
  • [23:31] Where JD gets his best business deals
  • [24:33] Would JD consider selling his agency?
  • [25:43] What JD looks for when he’s in the market for SaaS
  • [27:42] JD talks about the first things he does after buying a business
  • [29:23] Key metrics in a business that would pique JD’s interest [31:32] Why JD prefers talking with people he knows as a resource before purchasing a company
  • [33:51] JD shares some action items to help you get started in purchasing businesses and his best advice for people as they start their new venture
  • [37:19] How to get in touch with JD Graffam

In this episode…

Unlike in the past, there’s a lot of competition these days for people who are in the market for profitable SaaS products and companies. But what are the key metrics you need to look at before making your purchase and closing the deal? See, not all products and businesses are worth your time and money, and being able to filter through them is essential to making an incredible business decision. 

In this episode of The Big Break Software Podcast, Geordie Wardman interviews JD Graffam about what he looks for in the companies he’s looking to buy, what makes a company seem like a lucrative venture, and what he learned from the failure of his first product. Stay tuned.

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