craig-hewittCraig Hewitt is the host of The Rogue Startup podcast and he is also the Founder of Podcast Motor, a SaaS company that provides turnkey, end-to-end podcast editing and production services for busy professionals. Craig is also the owner of Castos, a podcast hosting and analytics platform that helps people build, grow, and monetize their podcast with ease.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Craig gives an overview of his businesses and his entrepreneurial background
  • Craig talks about his transition from doing sales for medical equipment to running his own businesses
  • The opportunity that Craig saw in podcasting and how it led him to start Castos
  • The importance of podcasts to Craig’s business
  • Craig shares why he decided to join the SaaS industry 
  • Craig discusses the plug-in that he bought, how it works once integrated into WordPress, and how he’s monetizing it
  • The challenges Craig faced in the business and in the process of developing the framework within WordPress 
  • What Craig would do differently if he had to start over 
  • Craig’s advice for people who are looking to use a free WordPress plug-in

In this episode…

There are a myriad of challenges you are likely to face if you decide to develop inside the WordPress framework and it requires double the effort if you are planning to build a SaaS company that would work seamlessly with the platform. But Craig Hewitt was able to make his big break when he purchased a plug-in for WordPress that went on to make $10K MRR within 12 months. 

In this week’s episode of The Big Break Software Podcast, Geordie gets to talk to Craig Hewitt of The Rogue Startup Podcast about the entrepreneurial journey that led him to the establishment of his company, Castos. They also discuss the breakout WordPress plugin that he bought, how he funnels customers to use the plugin his career, how he monetizes it, and what he learned in the process of working with the WordPress framework. Stay tuned.

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