Nick Loper is the Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation and the host of The Side Hustle Show podcast that gets over 30,000 downloads per episode. He is an entrepreneur involved in a variety of projects and is passionate about helping people build something they care about, generate income outside of their day job, and have the ability to build more financial freedom and security into their life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Nick started Side Hustle Nation in 2013
  • How Nick monetizes Side Hustle Nation
  • Nick talks about how he uses Amazon as a way to generate traffic
  • Important factors to consider when starting a side hustle 
  • Nick’s personal investment success story 
  • Learn more about Nick’s 26,000-strong community on Facebook
  • Nick’s epiphany about the success of Side Hustle Nation’s podcast
  • How Nick gets traffic to and from his podcast 
  • Nick details what great content looks like for him
  • The value of mentors and mentorship
  • What does Nick consider to be his legacy?

In this episode…

Everyone needs a side hustle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a 9-5 employee, extra cash flow will always be welcome. That’s something Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation is passionate about — showing and teaching people how to best generate multiple streams of income that you will love and enjoy. It shouldn’t distract you from your primary hustle, it should enable you to focus on the hustle that you really want to be doing in life.

In this episode of The Big Break Software Podcast, you’ll hear Nick talk about the important factors to consider to start a side hustle, the various side hustles he has done, and some personal experiences you can draw insight from to build your side hustle. Plus, he talks about his 26,000-strong Facebook group and the awesome hustle ideas you can find on his website. Stay tuned.

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