If I only did this all those years ago…

I finally cracked the seal on playing a musical instrument and inside of a week, I now know how to play two songs.


OK, let me go back to a quote that someone told me 2 months ago. 

The best time to start a business in X was two years ago.  (This was from a podcast I did with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.)

You could say this for anything. The best time to buy bitcoin was 5 years ago. The best time to have bought a house was in 1999. The best time to start playing guitar was 3 years ago.

That’s dead wrong.

The best time to start something is now. 

When I was in my senior year in college I picked up a banjo because I thought it had a unique and fun sound. I started playing loosely but then more seriously. At one point, I was playing nearly 3 hours per day, voraciously. My wife, then girl friend, couldn’t stand it and banished me to a closet because we were living in a tiny one room apartment. It didn’t matter, I would practice the same songs over and over again until they were smooth.

Then something happened. Honestly, it was so long ago that I don’t even really remember if it was quickly or slowly but I put the instrument down. I think it was because someone made a comment about my playing.  I might have been playing 3 or 4 years at the time, and it was likely a comment that I misunderstood but it was enough to make me stop playing.

The years went by, and from time to time I would think to myself – If I were still playing the banjo now, I’d have been playing (7, 9, 12) years.  I might even have been in a fun band, or could at least able to play pick up at a beach bar b que.

This type of thinking actually stopped me from playing again.

Then I heard that statement – and it rocked me to my core.

So it might not be pretty, and you might be criticised, and you may need to start something (again) from scratch.  But you know what? One day you’ll wake up and you’ll be the person that – started 3 years ago.

My fingers are sore, and I’m starting from scratch but I’m finding so much enjoyment that I don’t care.

I also started to teach myself Italian. 5-10 minutes a day using Duolingo.

Do you ever find yourself thinking – I wish I had started that 2 years ago? Wow – look at the success they’re having with this, I wish I had done that…

Is there anything that you wished you started 2 years ago?

It’s time to reframe that thought to… what can I start today?

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